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Feb 25, 2020 / Lori Minsky

Best Retail Packaging Examples: What Makes a Great Box

In a world where retail packaging carries as much weight as the product inside, Yoga Face, Kittel, and Zoma are killing it.

Brands with successful retail packaging like these have a few things in common. They stand out without turning buyers away by being too flashy. They use graphics and colors as a reflection of the product they’re selling. And they get creative with their customer’s unboxing experience, making it one to remember.

Yoga Face

Yoga Face

Yoga Face’s retail packaging elevates the unboxing experience to new heights. The best way to generate buzz about your brand is to create a buyer’s experience that stands out. Going against the grain and creating an unusual unboxing experience does just that.

In the case of Yoga Face, how it’s printed and the way the box opens creates a fantastic experience. Their strategy capitalizes on a highly-underutilized technique, making it stand out against their competition. Their retail packaging is only one piece of a picture that completes itself when you place multiple boxes together. But do designs like this cost more than something less unique?

The fact is that it doesn’t have to.

While a low-end printer wouldn’t be able to pull off a design like this, working with an experienced packaging and printing manufacturer that has an in-house design team and structural engineer will get you the look you’re after while keeping your costs in check.

Kittel (2)


Kittel recalibrates retro styling for a clean, modern look. Their retail packaging perfectly illustrates the value a great designer can offer.

Any retro design runs the risk of looking dated if not properly executed. Even premium stock will not make an outdated design present well. That isn’t the case with Kittel, who presents a crisp but colorful design accompanying carefully-crafted artwork.

Kittel epitomizes the impact that a simple, well-executed design can have. A retail packaging design doesn’t need to be overly complicated to stand out, and Kittel is here to show us that simplicity can succeed.

Zoma (2)


If there is a brand that has found a better way to expresses its core values through its retail packaging than Zoma, we haven’t seen it.

Zoma’s packaging stands out because of its graphic embossing offset by foil details. It is the perfect execution of high-end treatments combined with a thoughtful graphic design. 

But the success of their retail packaging extends beyond their choice of treatments. The color choice and premium box used in Zoma’s overall design marries a high-end product image with grassroots core values. 

Rigid boxes and premium products go hand-in-hand. There is nothing on the market that better exudes an aura of luxury. Zoma uses a high-end box for its top-shelf product while reminding buyers through their color branding that their product is organic. A clean and earthy parchment-colored tag reflects its market’s organic and environmental values while still exuding luxury through beautiful design and high-quality embossing. This brand has found a way to marry these two aspects successfully.

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Creating Successful Retail Packaging

Great brands don’t always follow the same formula, but they have similar patterns because they listen to their markets. Buyers know what they’re looking for, and they let companies know what they want through their purchasing patterns. These patterns were established decades ago and haven’t changed much.

Creating retail packaging that sells comes down to working with a provider that can take a great concept and turn it into reality. They know which questions to ask to build the package that your product deserves. From that first burst of inspiration to the final product, they understand all of the finer details and can help you create and finish the type of box your product needs and deserves.


Great enhancements can make a design pop, but you can’t expect to rush the front-end design process, hoping for foil stamping to save poorly drawn graphics. Your retail packaging design needs a solid foundation to stand on if it’s going to draw a following, and the right printing packaging company will help you build that foundation. Find a provider you can trust to get it right the first time.

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